The mortgage agents at Cambridge Mortgage Experts have years of experience finding the best mortgage solutions for our clients. We have a large  variety of private lenders and many different loan programs. We consider all of your personal needs and create a mortgage plan specifically tailored to your situation.

We work as middlemen between yourself and the lenders. We have the lenders compete against each other for your business, in order to get your the lowest possible rate and terms. We will involve numerous lenders in order to secure the mortgage rates and terms that are most beneficial to you.

Most Canadians start searching for a mortgage by going to a bank. If you meet the bank’s strict criteria, you can usually get a discount, but many people are unaware of the advantages of using an alternative mortgage agent.

Mortgage agents have comprehensive knowledge of the Canadian mortgage market and have your best interests in mind. Banks are the most common mortgage lender, but you can also get mortgages from credit unions and trust companies. Will will look over your situation and see if any of these different offerings are suitable for you. For people who have a poor credit history or other issues, these can be great alternatives to bank mortgages. Our professionals have extensive experience dealing with people who have poor credit, and we have a good relationship with many private lenders.

We have exclusive deals that are not available to just anyone. We are also trained to bargain for the lowest possible mortgage rate and fees in order to save you money. We have a very high mortgage approval rate, and we can lead you on the road to financial recovery.

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